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Chattanooga BBQ 

Don't settle for just any BBQ -  Let us serve you some of Chattanooga's finest! 

Slowed Smoked with Hickory or Applewood.   Tender Hand-pulled BBQ!  Great by itself or some of our Sweet & Spicy sauce.  Pair it up with some Double Baked Mac'n Cheese, Smoked Green Beans, and, Cornbread and you have a dinner your guest will be talking about for a while!   

Did we mention our setup with BBQ is simply beautiful?  

Can You Smell it? 

We promise you from the wonderful plate presentation, beautiful setup and, then the smell of our slowed smoked BBQ - Your guest will be craving more!   Don't settle for just any BBQ - have the BEST! 

Skewer Close-up
Skewer Close-up

Have It Your Way! 

Our BBQ tastes great anyway you serve it.   Serve it on a Buffet, Homestyle, or plated!  There are so many options to give your wedding or event the flair it deserves!   Pair your BBQ up with some of our Jack Daniels Punch and you've h it a homerun! 

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